What can you learn from Genius Bar?

Apple’s Genius Bar is a home run. You already know this. However, have you ever thought why the Genius Bar became so successful? If you did, then have you considered how can your brand adopt the same idea? If  one of your answers is “no”, then this post could help you.For those who is not familiar with the concept, the Genius Bar is where you go to get:

  • Free of charge advice,
  • In a well designed environment,
  • From well-trained,
  • Friendly and cool staff,
  • Who is always available.

Answering the first question

This is a new business model. Think about these questions: What if the advice was not free of charge? (e.g. any professional services) What if Apple did not invest in design? (e.g. any IT store), What if the staff was not well-trained? (e.g. any hotel) What if the staff was not friendly and cool? (e.g. any bank) And what if they were not available all the time? (e.g. any call center)

As you see, Apple could have screwed it up at many points. But it didn’t. Because it understands the importance of customer experience, which is the consistent delivery of their brand promise. That is lesson #1.

Answering the second question

With the Genius Bar, Apple created a conversation. Many of us don’t own Apple products. However, we still go to Apple Stores to see and hear about Apple products. Once you are in, you realize that unlike other brands Apple dies to have a conversation with you. (Advertising is a monologue, it is still necessary but the good old days are gone). This is a rising trend. You should be having a two-way conversation with your customers. That is lesson #2.

Today’s actionable insight: Online or offline, you have to start a conversation with your customers. This is not a choice but a necessity. Reassess your advertising expenditure and invest in cost-effective engagement tactics. How? We will spend some time talking about it on our next posts.

Do you know another success story like the Genius Bar? I am curious to learn.

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