Meet Günter

“What you do is not a brand strategy; it’s psychotherapy!”


A Psychotherapist for Brands

Günter is a brand strategist, but if you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s more like a “psychotherapist for businesses.” Just like a therapist helps people sort through their issues, Günter helps brands figure out what makes them tick. It’s not about a quick fix, like a new slogan or logo. It’s about diving deep to find out what your brand is really about and making sure everyone else gets it, too.

Brands, like people, can get stuck. Maybe they get lost in a sea of competition, or their message gets muddled. That’s where Günter comes in. He asks the kind of questions that help you really understand your brand from the inside out. Think of him as the friendly outsider who can help you see things more clearly.

By practicing storylistening Günter finds out what your customers are thinking, even when they can’t put it into words. It also helps him understand why people stick with your brand or why they might choose to leave it.

If you’re tired of brand confusion and are ready for a transformation, Günter can help you articulate your brand so clearly and appealingly that even your toughest critics will become your biggest fans.