The role of customer experience in branding

Spoiler alert: Customer experience has become the bread and butter of branding. You can have a beautiful logo, a smart tagline, a wonderful package and a state-of-the-art product. Yet, if you fail to deliver a pleasant customer experience, your brand cannot go too far. This applies to all brands, whether they are B2B, B2C, product … Continue reading The role of customer experience in branding

Branding lessons from a Chinese guru

There is a tea shop in Montreal’s Chinatown. Its name is Speacialtea. We found that shop totally by chance. Since then we have been regulars. There are a couple of things that make that shop special and it is very easy for your business to replicate those. First, for a tea lover that shop is … Continue reading Branding lessons from a Chinese guru

Branded customer experience

In 1999, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore wrote a book named, “The Experience Economy.”  In a nutshell, the book argued that offering, solely, products or services is no longer enough for a brand to demand a premium. Authors claimed that, instead, brands should create memorable experiences for their customers. They went a step further … Continue reading Branded customer experience

Indisputable rules of branding

We discussed that a brand is a promise . We also talked about the importance of a brand’s purpose. Defining your promise and purpose are the first steps of branding.  Next, you have to deliver your promise and create a pleasant experience for your customers. A brand for a company is like reputation for a … Continue reading Indisputable rules of branding

What can you learn from Genius Bar?

Apple's Genius Bar is a home run. You already know this. However, have you ever thought why the Genius Bar became so successful? If you did, then have you considered how can your brand adopt the same idea? If  one of your answers is "no", then this post could help you.For those who is not … Continue reading What can you learn from Genius Bar?