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My clients often ask me how to improve the effectiveness of their communication. While I am not aware of a magic formula, I know some tips that can help you improve yours. I will share with you some of the ideas I borrowed from Social Psychology. If you want to learn more, I recommend you to read The Social Animal. It’s as good as it gets.

When dealing with communication you have to ask yourself one question: Who says what to whom?

Who says it?

In order to increase the effectiveness of your communication, first you have to be perceived as credible. If you are known as an expert and trustworthy brand, you will have easier time convincing consumers. Of course, we are not talking about putting these words in your ads. We are talking about keeping your promise. All the time!

Second, be perceived as a philanthropist. Help others WITHOUT expecting anything in return. Your effectiveness will increase significantly as long as it is clear that you have nothing to gain from persuading consumer.

Third, be attractive. Invest in good design. If you hire a celebrity for endorsement, make sure that he/she is likable. Studies show that attractive sources are expected to support desirable positions.

Fourth, be realistic. The credibility and attractiveness of the communicator could only impact decisions like buying a particular product. If your goal is to change attitudes, then you have to do much more than that. Our next posts will focus on those things. What do you think?

Today’s actionable tip: Make sure that your spokesperson or your endorser is perceived as an authority in the area of your brand. That is the key.

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