Crisis Communication Tactics during Covid-19

The world is facing a significant threat. In times like this, managing the crisis is not enough; one must also properly communicate the crisis. That said, communication tactics that work in regular times do not work when there is a crisis. If you want to communicate effectively in times like this, then read the below [...]

How funny your brand should be?

Back then I was collaborating with a renowned agency on a re-branding project. Upon completion of nation-wide research, we started working on brand personality, one of the building blocks of brand strategy.  At that point, the creative director of the agency adamantly insisted that the brand should opt for a humorous tone of voice - [...]

How to launch a ​brand identity

In today's world, your brand's greatest competitor is customer indifference. Our attention is a scarce resource, for which all marketers are fighting. That's why launching a brand identity is an indispensable marketing opportunity. Smart communicators know how to launch a brand identity and use that chance to tell the story of their brand. Unfortunately, that [...]

Lack of deep insights lead to poor advertising

H&R Block's tax preparation ad is built on a wrong insight

You’ve probably heard the famous proverb: in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes. As correct as that fatalistic and sardonic saying is, in this day and age- it is also incomplete: During the tax filing season, one must add tax preparation ads to the list of inevitable. They are omnipresent. And, sadly, [...]

Why universities need brands?

4,627. Four thousand six hundred twenty-seven! That’s the number of degree-granting colleges and universities in the US. To get a better idea of the American higher-education market, you should also factor in 3,000 4-year institutions. While you are at it, go ahead and add more than 1,500 2-year institutions like “junior or community" colleges. We [...]

How to differentiate your brand? Part 6

Over the last two decades, brands have become 200% less distinct from one another. The ones that stand out, however, have something in common: They integrate two seemingly opposing personality traits. In this series of five blogs, I offer different methods to discovering and leveraging the duality embedded inside your brand. By tapping into these insights, [...]