How Gamified Placemaking Can Reconnect Us with Cities

If you were to search for images on Google for the word “city,” the overwhelming majority of the results would be about skylines of relatively new towns such as New York City, Toronto, and Sydney. What the search results won’t include, however, are the images of Dubrovnik’s picturesque rooftops, the fascinating streets of the Fener and Balat [...]

A Systemic Analysis of Overtourism and Tourismophobia: And What Destinations Can Do About It

In my last contribution as Observer, I analyzed the root causes of undertourism and imagined some remedies. This time around, I am going to focus on undertourism’s evil sibling: overtourism. The two terms “overtourism,” and “tourismophobia” are used interchangeably by many experts. While those two problems are related, they are not exactly the same. Therefore they deserve to be [...]

Undertourism: How to Make Archaeological Sites and Museums More Attractive as Destinations

Looking back from the future, we may remember 2017 as the year in which “overtourism,” “tourismophobia,” and “tourism fatigue” were finally recognised as critical global challenges. As a result, sustainable tourismbecame one of the hottest topics in place branding. Make no mistake: overtourism is real and it is here to stay. Having said that, could overtourism [...]