Brand as a status symbol

What is status? According to Wikipedia it is the honor or prestige attached to one's position in society. (one's social position) In consumer societies status can be achieved by owning certain brands. For instance, if you drive a Ferrari, you are considered as a higher status person than an owner of a Sebring because buying goods that others … Continue reading Brand as a status symbol

Indisputable rules of branding

We discussed that a brand is a promise . We also talked about the importance of a brand’s purpose. Defining your promise and purpose are the first steps of branding.  Next, you have to deliver your promise and create a pleasant experience for your customers. A brand for a company is like reputation for a … Continue reading Indisputable rules of branding

What can you learn from Genius Bar?

Apple's Genius Bar is a home run. You already know this. However, have you ever thought why the Genius Bar became so successful? If you did, then have you considered how can your brand adopt the same idea? If  one of your answers is "no", then this post could help you.For those who is not … Continue reading What can you learn from Genius Bar?