When do you need to hire a branding expert?

When you create a new company or product: A branding expert can offer you many services including: conducting research, clarifying strategy, naming, tagline development, designing identity, business card and website design and creating customer touchpoints.

When you decide to change the name of your brand: Some names don’t age well. Some names don’t have passports. Some names become too restrictive. A branding expert can help you solve all these problems.

When your brand needs a shot in the arm: Companies evolve. Maybe you are not in the same business as you were 5 years ago. Maybe you need to change your trajectory. Maybe you forgot who you are, what you do and what you stand for. Or maybe there is a new predator brand that made you irrelevant. If you find yourself in any of those situations, it would be wise to call a branding expert.

When you need a little bit make-up: Some design works are immortal. Some… simply aren’t. What was relevant and differentiating 20 years ago, may not work anymore. Also, some companies don’t have integrated systems that create visual consistency. A branding expert can help you realign your design with your brand promise.

When your employees are unhappy: Your products and services are the tip of the iceberg. If your employees don’t know the purpose of your brand, then they can’t offer a compelling customer experience. A branding expert can help you increase employee engagement.

When M&A happens: Big fish eats small fish. That is the cruel reality of business. Another reality is 70% of all M&A fails to deliver value. To avoid that, when M&A happens you need an army of branding experts.

Today’s actionable tip: There are very few (if not none) consultants/agencies in the industry that can offer you superior expertise in everything. I certainly don’t. Beware of those who claim expertise in everything. One-stop shops rarely exist. Check their portfolios. Portfolios never lie.

PS: Alina Wheeler’s Designing Brand Identity is an extremely useful book. I used some of her thinking for this post.

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