2012 Trend Reports

2012 is around the corner! An exciting and challenging year awaits us. I compiled six great trend reports to help your brand navigate stormy waters in 2012. Enjoy the reports and let me know if you know other good ones. Happy holidays to all! 2012 Global consumer trends by Euromonitor 2012 Consumer trends by Trendwatching … Continue reading 2012 Trend Reports

Brand Jordan

NBA lockout is about to end. The hot topic of discussion is what's the damage to Brand Jordan? Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all times. But his skills and will are not enough to explain how he became the magnetic person that he is. During his Hall of Fame induction speech, … Continue reading Brand Jordan

Key to customer loyalty

There are some brands that I find so successful. I call them magnetic. One of those brands is Maui Jim, the sunglass company. The brand is best known for its high quality, reasonably priced and fashionable polarized sunglasses. I bought my first Maui Jim sunglass in 2008. Since then, I bought two more. As rational … Continue reading Key to customer loyalty

Segmentation in B2B markets

B2C companies often use segmentation analysis, which is a complex tool that divides the market into distinguishable segments, separated by consumer behaviour or need. The beauty of segmentation analysis is that you can look at the size, value and performance of these segments and decide whom to concentrate your efforts. Although segmentation analysis is a … Continue reading Segmentation in B2B markets

Phonetic symbolism and naming

Which one of the below shapes is booba and which one is kiki? http://parikalpakah.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Memory_Box_9.png According to Wolfgang Köhler's "booba/kiki effect" study, 95% to 98% of people choose "kiki" for the sharp, angular shape and "booba" (or "bouba") for the soft, rounded shape. Interestingly, recent work by Daphne Maurer and colleagues has shown that even children … Continue reading Phonetic symbolism and naming

Scarcity and escalation of commitment as means of persuasion

Last weekend we went to a factory sales event of a clothing brand. Apparently, the event was so well advertised that the factory was jam-packed with warrior/shopper women. Honestly, I can’t remember how many times a lady hit me in the shoulder or stepped on my foot (Albeit, I don’t recall receiving a single apology). … Continue reading Scarcity and escalation of commitment as means of persuasion

Smoothies and Tim Hortons… Success or failure?

Last week we talked about Starbucks’s recent experiment of serving alcohol in some of its locations. We ended up recommending them to create a second brand. We also said, on our next article we will focus on a successful line extension from Canada: Tim Horton’s, one of Starbucks’ archrivals. For those of you who are … Continue reading Smoothies and Tim Hortons… Success or failure?

FREE! advice to sell more products

Recently, I had to empty my apartment in Toronto. So, I decided to sell all my furniture. I managed to sell big items like mattress and sofa, but I had difficulty in finding buyers for stuff like cutlery and pans. So, I went ahead and posted`an ad on Craigslist and Kijiji with the following subject … Continue reading FREE! advice to sell more products

What is missing from Toronto Raptors’ brand strategy?

I am an avid fan of basketball and Toronto Raptors. Be that as it may, this article is not about the most recent lackadaisical season of the Raptors. If you want to discuss basketball, I would suggest you visit Raptors Republic, for the real basketball sages hang out there. This article, on the other hand, … Continue reading What is missing from Toronto Raptors’ brand strategy?

What can you learn from Porter Airlines? – The Good

When I am often asked what my favourite brands are, I try to name Canadian brands as much as possible. It is not a secret that my favourite Canadian brand is Porter Airlines. Hands down, that company knows everything about branding. Here is why I like them and what you can learn from them: 1)      … Continue reading What can you learn from Porter Airlines? – The Good