Meyer Bergman

High-street High-flyers’ Global Expansion

In Collaboration with TRIA


For over a decade, Meyer Bergman, a London-based real estate investment management firm, has transformed urban assets into retail-inspired spaces. With over €5 billion in assets under management, the company set its sights on expanding into the US market. To ensure a strong brand presence, Meyer Bergman enlisted us to refine its brand strategy and position it for global success.


  • Brand audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Brand scenario development and exploration
  • Brand workshop facilitation
  • Crafting of brand platform and value proposition
  • Refinement of brand messaging across all touchpoints

“We were thoroughly impressed with the comprehensive brand audit process. The meticulous approach revealed a wealth of brand-related issues we hadn’t even realized existed. Those insights have been instrumental in helping us strengthen our brand and better understand our positioning in the market.

Meyer Bergman Team

Navigating the Brand Jungle: A Tale of Discovery

Our journey began with a comprehensive brand audit, analyzing Meyer Bergman’s existing brand and its competitors. This allowed us to identify the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for differentiation in the market. Through an engaging stakeholder consultation process using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, we spoke with top executives, key employees, and marquee clients to uncover the driving force behind the company.

Unearthing the Brand’s DNA: A Tale of Three Scenarios

We developed three distinct brand scenarios, each emphasizing a unique strength of Meyer Bergman while setting it apart from the competition. In a collaborative brand scenario workshop, we explored these narratives with key stakeholders, focusing on the organization’s DNA and what makes it unique, different, and relevant.

“The brand scenario development and facilitated workshop provided an exceptional opportunity for all our stakeholders to be heard and to listen to the perspectives of others. The collaborative atmosphere fostered a sense of unity and allowed us to shape the future of Meyer Bergman collectively.”

Marcus Meyer – CEO – Meyer Bergman

The Quintessential Blueprint for Success

Based on the insights gathered, we crafted a robust brand platform for Meyer Bergman that articulated its purpose, value proposition, and a succinct boilerplate summarizing the company’s identity and offerings. This strong foundation enabled us to refine Meyer Bergman’s brand messaging across all touchpoints, ensuring consistency and impact as it embarked on its global expansion journey.

From Underdog to Top Dog: Meyer Bergman Takes on the Global Real Estate Game

With a revitalized brand strategy and clear messaging, Meyer Bergman successfully positioned itself as a formidable player in the US market. The brand’s unique identity and value proposition resonated with its target audience, paving the way for continued growth and success in the global real estate investment management space.