Maven Insights

Creating a Next-Generation Consultancy

In Collaboration with Mira Fayad

Maven Insights & Solutions, a boutique management consulting firm based in Dubai, partnered with us to redefine its brand and strengthen its market presence. With an already impressive clientele in the EMEA region, Maven aimed to sharpen its focus and better communicate its challenger mindset.



  • Online Employee Survey
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Touchpoint Implementation

Introducing “Impactful Consulting”

To kick off the rebranding process, we conducted an online employee survey to uncover the organization’s core values, culture, and firm members’ expectations and perceptions. Next came stakeholder consultations to allow us to gain insights into the senior management’s vision and priorities. It became clear quickly that, unlike other consultancies, the Maven Team creates impactful results. Building on that foundation, we crafted a purpose statement that encapsulated their mission: “To make our clients more resilient by creating a fair workplace and a thriving workforce.”

“Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation as the go-to expert advisers when there’s an urgent need for commercial or cultural transformation. And Günter captured and told our brand narrative beautifully.”

Alper Kulak – Partner at Maven Insights

A Bold Visual Makeover

In line with the new brand strategy, we first streamlined the company’s name from Maven Insights & Solutions to the more concise and impactful Maven Insights. Next, we created a new bold visual identity that reflects the brand’s personality while enhancing recognition and memorability.

Finally, to ensure a consistent brand experience, we applied the new identity across all touchpoints, encompassing the website, social media profiles, white papers, presentation decks, welcome kits, and office environment. This cohesive visual system reinforces Maven Insights’ commitment to delivering trusted, inspiring solutions to clients in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Günter has a top-notch business mind – he can blend academy-level strategic acumen with creativity, seeing the hidden potential in every situation and people.

Tan Ergen – Senior Executive – Maven Insights


Maven Insight’ revitalized brand identity and compelling brand promise have successfully distinguished the firm in a competitive market. The consultancy has grown into one of the region’s leading homegrown management consulting firms.

The rebranding has resonated with existing and potential clients, positioning Maven as a boutique consultancy that genuinely understands and supports organizations in their quest for resilience and growth.

“Günter is a genuine gentleman with whom our entire team enjoyed working. He garners universal respect, both with his sharpness and kindness. His guidance and support made our job that much easier.”

Elie BasbousManager – Maven Insights