Reviving the Largest Mediterranean Old Town

In Collaboration with Mirac Guldogan


Kemeraltı District, the historic heart of Izmir, Turkey, faced a decline in appeal over the past few decades. Renowned for being the largest historic town in the Mediterranean basin, Kemeraltı needed a powerful narrative to recapture its allure. Tasked with telling its story, we set out to revitalize the district’s image and restore its former glory.


  • Perception Survey
  • Brand Strategy
  • Master Narrative Development
  • Message Mapping
  • Visual Identity Creation

Breathing New Life into Kemeraltı: A Heritage Rediscovered

Our journey began with Kemeraltı’s first-ever online perception survey, involving Izmir’s inhabitants and creating a buzz that sparked healthy community conversations. We dove deeper by conducting stakeholder interviews to uncover the rich history and captivating stories of Kemeraltı District. Through this process, we identified 10 distinct roles the Old Town played during its heydays, prioritizing and mapping the ones to focus on going forward. With these insights, we crafted a master narrative that encapsulated Kemeraltı’s vibrant essence, transforming it into targeted messages for diverse stakeholder groups. This ensured Kemeraltı’s story resonated with the right audiences, reviving its appeal and reigniting its cultural significance.

“The branding process was impressively inclusive and insightful, capturing Kemeraltı District’s unique heritage. Günter’s focus on authenticity united our community and celebrated our district’s story.”

Sedef Özer – Secretary General – Kentimiz İzmir Derneği

Unveiling a Timeless Visual Identity

Working closely with Mirac Guldogan, we designed a striking visual identity for Kemeraltı District, reflecting its unique heritage. This cohesive visual identity is seamlessly integrated with the carefully curated messaging, elevating Kemeraltı’s image and celebrating its rich history and cultural significance in Izmir.

UNESCO’s Seal of Approval: Kemeraltı District’s Triumphant Revival

Kemeraltı District’s rejuvenated visual identity and captivating narrative garnered the attention of diverse stakeholders, who eagerly embraced the new branding. This project’s success reignited a sense of pride and enthusiasm for the district, inviting inhabitants to re-discover the historic town’s allure as a treasured gem. Ultimately, this resurgence contributed to Kemeraltı being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ensuring its story resonates with locals and visitors for generations to come.

“Günter’s branding wizardry seamlessly weaves Kemeraltı’s storied past with a touch of modern flair, concocting a crisp and ageless identity that reverberates through our eclectic community, leaving us all spellbound and eager for more.”

Sergenç İneler – General Manager – TARKEM