The World First Place Experience Project

In Collaboration with Maven Insights


Enter King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), the world’s largest privately-funded city, with an intricate riddle to solve. As a trailblazing project, KAEC aimed to become the go-to destination for living, visiting, growing, and investing. But first, it had to disentangle its inconsistent customer experience stemming from its vast customer segments, never-ending touchpoints, diverse stakeholders not directly under control, and a sprinkle of internal skepticism.


  • Customer Segmentation and Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Governance Structure and Cycle Management
  • Performance Measurement

“Günter helped us segment our customers in a way that resonated in many internal meetings long after we engaged with him. He also helped our project team build its IP and explore the legacy KAEC in the literature on Place Branding.”

Marcel Stephan – Director of Customer Experience – KAEC

Embracing the KAEC Way: A Journey Beyond the Ordinary

In a bold and imaginative move, KAEC embarked on a quest to pioneer Meta Customer Experience (MCX), a groundbreaking approach to customer experience for mega programs and entire economies. Through a centralized MCX unit, KAEC set out to weave a common thread that captured the essence of the KAEC Way of CX, delivering a unified and elevated customer experience across all touchpoints and stakeholders. This ingenious vision transformed MCX into an economic powerhouse, turbocharging customer growth, talent attraction, and economic success.

Charting the Course to Place Experience Mastery

Navigating through the unknown realms of MCX, KAEC embarked on a strategic five-step odyssey, a master plan designed to take customer experience to new heights. The journey began with unearthing diverse customer segments’ desires, aspirations, and needs, giving birth to twelve distinctive personas. Next, customer journeys were meticulously mapped to design and implement initiatives that amplified overall experiences. A robust governance structure was implemented to ensure seamless progress, while performance was measured through surveys and a dash of mystery shopping. Ultimately, KAEC sowed the seeds for a flourishing environment that nurtured exceptional customer experience.

Basking in the Afterglow of Success

KAEC’s valiant pursuit of customer experience innovation yielded astonishing results. Within a year, 69 place-experience-improvement initiatives were rolled out, catapulting a 2.5-fold increase in business visitors and a 12.6% surge in customer satisfaction rates. The Meta Customer Experience approach proved to be the magical formula for KAEC’s metamorphosis into a coveted destination for living, visiting, investing, and growing.