EME Hive

Hearts Connected, Heritage Honored.

In Collaboration with Awesome NYC


Formerly known as EastMeetEast, EME Hive is a premier dating platform created to empower and showcase the diversity of the Asian-American community through genuine connections and lasting relationships. Thanks to EME Hive’s high matching ratio among the Asian population in North America, 156,399 individuals have found partners. 

Following rapid growth and restrictions around social distancing during COVID-19, EME Hive became a community-based, social live-streaming app for finding like-minded friends and partners. The brand hired us to tell its new story.


  • Online Stakeholder Consultation Survey
  • Brand Strategy
  • Core Values Development
  • Brand Narrative Development
  • Message Mapping
  • Verbal Identity
  • Digital Design

“Our users are with EME Hive to make genuine, meaningful connections and have shared cultural values.”

EME Hive Team

Discovering Purpose, Crafting Personality

Embarking on the discovery phase, we conducted focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and an online culture survey to gather invaluable insights. Our findings culminated in the development of EME Hive’s purpose: “Empowering communities with shared cultural values through meaningful connections.” This purpose not only solidified the company’s core values but also laid the groundwork for a unique brand personality that is progressive yet deeply rooted in its heritage. Our strategic approach ensured that EME Hive’s brand resonated with its target audience, capturing the essence of a contemporary platform that honours cultural legacy while nurturing connections within the East and Southeast Asian community.

EME Hive’s 3-in-1 Messaging

Our next task was to craft a compelling brand narrative for EME Hive by identifying three archetypical roles the brand plays: a matchmaker for dating users, an entertainer for streaming users, and an advocate for all Asian Americans. We then pinpointed four central brand themes, each representing a key aspect of EME Hive’s identity. By cross-matching these themes with the target audiences, we ensured that EME’s messages consistently aligned with the brand’s essence. This comprehensive message mapping approach laid a strong foundation for the brand’s communication, enabling EME Hive to forge deeper connections and drive impact across its diverse user base.

Swiping Right: EME Hive’s Connection Revolution

EME Hive’s new brand strategy has significantly bolstered its position as a top dating site for Asian and Asian-American singles seeking meaningful connections. The addition of live-streaming captivated users, fostering tight-knit communities and promoting authentic encounters. As a result, EME Hive experienced increased membership, engagement, and satisfaction. The new brand narrative also propelled the platform’s growth, cementing its status as a trailblazer in the Asian dating and streaming landscape.