From Smoke to Fire: CFP’s Transformation

In Collaboration with Ozan Karakoc Design Studio


Commercial Fire Protection (CFP) is a firm specializing in the installation, maintenance, and inspection of fire-safety equipment in the US. Struggling to convey what made them unique, they sought assistance in communicating their distinctive approach and human touch in an otherwise mechanistic industry.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Design and Portal Creation
  • Touchpoints design

“Günter and Ozan align so tightly with us, they feel part of the team. Everything they deliver is gold.”

Dave Edwards – CEO

Strategic Combustion: Our Approach to Growth

We embarked on a journey using Appreciative Inquiry methodology. By dreaming what CFP might become through workshops and interviews, we laid the foundation for the rebranding process. We used the strategy process to discover the purpose, the values, and the story of CFP.

A New Flame: CFP’s Visual Rebranding

Ozan Karakoc Studios’ innovative design process refreshed CFP’s visual identity, creating new materials and expressing our brand through a new website and an intranet portal.

Burning Bright: CFP’s Triumphant Growth

Since our rebranding, Commercial Fire Protection has experienced explosive growth. Originally headquartered in Walnut Creek and Irvine, CA, we’ve spread our flames to Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Concord, Valencia, San Diego, and Las Vegas. With over 200 employees now, our company continues to grow and expand across the country, reflecting the powerful impact of our rebranding initiative.