ACE Alarms

Alarmingly Good: Ace Alarm’s Brand Reinvention

In Collaboration with Ozan Karakoc Design Studio


Ace Alarm, a 35-year-old, Los Angeles-based security company, had long catered primarily to the Korean community with its reliable alarm systems. When the founder passed away, and his enterprising son took the reins, he envisioned expanding Ace Alarm’s reach to the entire city and embracing all communities. To kick off this ambitious transformation, he approached us for a rebranding.


  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Tactics
  • Visual Identity Redesign

” “I had the pleasure of working with Günter and his colleagues to rebrand our 35-year-old business and transition it into the 21st century. They helped put together the missing strategy piece of Ace Alarm and helped construct a story that showcases our brand.”

James Chang – CEO – Ace Alarm

A Brand Awakening

We initiated the process with a robust Brand Strategy to redefine Ace Alarm before delving into its brand identity. Our seasoned brand strategy team devised a brand platform outlining Ace Alarm’s distinct stance, unique selling points, and competitive edge. By crafting the brand’s Purpose Statement, Brand Promise, and Brand Personality, we set the stage for the perfect brand identity that genuinely embodied Ace Alarm’s values and vision.

Efficient Brand Architecture. Actionable Tactics.

With the strategy in place, we designed nine distinct logo options aligned with Ace Alarm’s strategic approach. After shortlisting four contenders, the client ultimately selected a logo that masterfully combined the concepts of ‘awareness’ and ‘alarm’.

Hitting the ‘Snooze’ on Old Branding

To ensure consistent logo usage across all stakeholders, we created a comprehensive 12-page Brand Style Guide outlining rules for logo lock-ups, tagline usage, color schemes, typography guidelines, and more.

Attention-Grabbing Touchpoints

Ace Alarm’s new branding was then applied to various customer touchpoints, including yard signs and vehicle designs. By opting for a round shape and bold design, we ensured that Ace Alarm stood out from the competition and caught the attention of passers-by.

A Rebrand Worth Securing

Ace Alarm’s rebranding was a smash hit, earning rave reviews from stakeholders and boosting senior management’s spirits. The new identity struck a delightful balance, paying homage to Ace’s 35-year legacy while prepping it for future conquests in the security biz. With a fresh face and a spring in their step, Ace Alarm is set to soar and secure its place as LA’s go-to guardian.