What do you stand for?

The author of this blog describes a brand as a promise. This is a universally accepted definition, which will be valid for years to come. However, for marketers to focus solely on the promise is not enough anymore. Here is why... We previously talked about how obsessed Millennials are with making a real difference. Fortunately [...]

The hidden secret of bundling

Previously, we talked about the importance of simplifying your offers. Today, I will give you a couple of actionable tips that are going to impact your bottom line. I would like to refer to Dan Ariely's work. He is a Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University. He is also the author of “Predictably Irrational”, [...]

Path to happiness

Recently, I am reading Prof. Barry Scwartz’s book “The Paradox of Choice”. He teaches social theory and social action.  In this book, he did a stellar job explaining how “the freedom to choose everything” makes you eventually less happy. Western societies, particularly North American ones, are built on the premise that people should have the freedom of choice. The [...]

4 golden rules of a powerful promise

I am a firm believer of simplicity. This blog follows the same philosophy. It is all about simplifying seemingly complicated matters and giving you correct and actionable answers. Today, we will talk about the key criteria of a powerful promise. Interbrand, the largest brand consulting firm in the world, uses four key rules. To my knowledge, [...]

What is a brand?

Here is the irony: As a Brand Strategist, I don’t like to use the term brand too often. Granted, it is a sexy word. Yet, more often than not it is misused. Let me explain what I mean. Do you remember the old TV show, Batman? There was a Bat version of everything. Our heroes [...]