Thinking about business systematically

A long, long time ago there once lived a man, who was mesmerized with the night sky… His entire life was devoted to understanding the meaning of the endless sea of shiny dots above. One night, he wondered what would happen had he connected the dots. And just like that, he invented the constellations, which … Continue reading Thinking about business systematically

Systemic Solutions for Toronto Raptors – Part 1

Under the management of Bryan Colangelo, Toronto Raptors has been getting progressively worse. That is a fact. We should not let that, however, overshadow the fact that this two-decade-old organization never had a successful GM since its inception (except Glen Grunwald.) Many bigwigs came and went, but the narrative of the Raptors stayed the same: … Continue reading Systemic Solutions for Toronto Raptors – Part 1

Systems thinking and Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers is one of the greatest franchises in the history of modern sports. They won the NBA championship 16 times and missed the play-offs just five times! I have always admired the "championship-or-bust" mentality of this organization. After a couple of “relatively” unsuccessful seasons, the Lakers decided to assemble a “super team.” They signed … Continue reading Systems thinking and Los Angeles Lakers

Systems Thinking and Toronto Raptors

Two years ago, I wrote an article about the Raptors’ brand strategy or lack thereof. Recently, I asked the Raptors Republic community what has changed over the last two years. The topic generated decent interest and started an excellent dialogue, so I decided to edit my comments and share them with you. It is about … Continue reading Systems Thinking and Toronto Raptors