Thinking about business systematically

A long, long time ago there once lived a man, who was mesmerized with the night sky… His entire life was devoted to understanding the meaning of the endless sea of shiny dots above. One night, he wondered what would happen had he connected the dots. And just like that, he invented the constellations, which … Continue reading Thinking about business systematically

Branding Czech Republic Part 2

Previously, we analyzed the Czech Republic's new promotional logo, which did not receive a warm welcome. Unfortunately, the campaign failed to convey unique and compelling messages to the three major audiences of any place branding campaigns: Visitors, potential investors, and the locals. We think this campaign did the expected: Promoted "the stereotypical Czech Republic." However, successful branding requires us … Continue reading Branding Czech Republic Part 2

Brand Storytelling

Carl Jung once said, “Never do human beings speculate more, or have more opinions, than about things which they do not understand.” Unfortunately, brand storytelling is one of those things. Let's try to unearth its meaning and find ways to leverage brand storytelling to support brand strategy. “Never do human beings speculate more, or have … Continue reading Brand Storytelling