What’s in a name?

I love working with a brand named after its founder because they make my life much easy. The majority of brands still communicate merely what they’ve got (their products, their services, or their features.) Only a small number of brands communicate their “promise”, which is definitely a better marketing strategy. A promise is the universally-accepted … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Why do brand names fail? Part 3

This is the third and the last installment of our "Why do brand names fail?" series. The first part focused on the process-related mistakes. The second one looked at tactical errors. Our last installment has a combination of both. Let's roll. Names are very context-dependent. Therefore, you should carefully chose your style. A four-syllable Latin … Continue reading Why do brand names fail? Part 3

How to choose your brand’s name?

Coined words or descriptive ones? Family names or acronyms? What to do? How to decide? Today, I will give you some tips on identifying the type of name you should choose for your brand. Brand names come in all shapes and types. Some of them are descriptive; some of them are made up. Each type … Continue reading How to choose your brand’s name?

Criteria of a good brand name – 3

This is the last installment of the naming trilogy. Previously we discussed naming criteria such as meaning and strategic fit. Today, we will focus on legal availability. Unless you own and trademark your brand name, it is not yours. I advice my clients not to get caught too much on domain availability. There are creative ways to get … Continue reading Criteria of a good brand name – 3

Criteria of a good brand name -2

Previously we talked about memorability. Today, we will take a look at the second criteria if a good brand name: strategic fit. A strategically fit name should support the positioning of the brand. Whatever the brand promise is, the name should support and reinforce it.  There are many ways of generating a strategically supportive name. Here are three of the … Continue reading Criteria of a good brand name -2

What makes a great brand name? – Part 1: Memorability

"What makes a great brand name?" We can use the desirability of a brand name by three dimensions: memorability, strategic fit and legal protect-ability. Let's start by exploring the first criteria: memorability. Our brain is a marvel of evolution, an organism that continually computes information. According to the information theory, the human body sends 11 million … Continue reading What makes a great brand name? – Part 1: Memorability

The art of naming

Having involved in many verbal identity projects, I must admit, naming is a deceptively difficult task. Most people (even some branding professionals) might think that naming a product or a company should be as easy as naming a pet or a child. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Why? Finding a strategically good name … Continue reading The art of naming