Why do we buy private label brands?

Almost all of us buy private label brands (PL). But have you ever wondered why? Low price is, of course, the key reason. But does it suffice to explain it all? What goes through our mind when we buy PL? What happens afterward? Which archetypal forces are controlling us? Let’s analyze a little. As said … Continue reading Why do we buy private label brands?

3 Questions 3 Answers about Place Branding

I was interviewed by Samantha J. Manniex, a passionate blogger and a place branding practitioner from the UK. It was a fun and insightful conversation. I am posting three questions and answers about my methodology. If you want to read the full interview, please click here. When you work on a branding campaign, especially destination branding, what are … Continue reading 3 Questions 3 Answers about Place Branding

The Canadian Archetype

I am an immigrant living in Canada. Years ago, I decided to move here, and I could not be happier with my decision. If you are like me, which means if you are someone who enjoys observing and analyzing his surroundings, then living abroad is great fun. As an outsider, sometimes you see things that … Continue reading The Canadian Archetype

Branding Czech Republic Part 2

Previously, we analyzed the Czech Republic's new promotional logo, which did not receive a warm welcome. Unfortunately, the campaign failed to convey unique and compelling messages to the three major audiences of any place branding campaigns: Visitors, potential investors, and the locals. We think this campaign did the expected: Promoted "the stereotypical Czech Republic." However, successful branding requires us … Continue reading Branding Czech Republic Part 2

How to brand a destination?

Is place branding a money trap invented by evil advertising agencies? Is it a fool’s gold for destinations? Has any place ever benefited from so-called place branding? How about this scary stat?: 86% of place branding projects fail within a year of introduction. Is there a way to break this curse? Let's figure out the … Continue reading How to brand a destination?

Explore Canada “gets” it!

About six months ago, Canada launched a tourism campaign called “Know Canada,” targeting Americans. We discussed why the strategy of the campaign was wrong. Here is the key argument: The campaign is based on facts, whereas “purchase decisions” are based on emotions. We also debated that the campaign was addressing to the wrong part of our … Continue reading Explore Canada “gets” it!

Branding Czech Republic Part 1

I have always thought that the most difficult branding projects are the place branding ones. As such, I have written quite a bit about the unique challenges of these beasts. The reality is, unfortunately, most of them are destined to fail and this is proven by hard data. Months ago, Czech Republic revealed its new … Continue reading Branding Czech Republic Part 1

What does LeBron James’ first ring signify? Part 2

Previously, I shared some of my thoughts on LeBron James, mythology and archetypal psychology. Let's continue from where we left off. This is the second instalment of a three-article series. About James’ recovering popularity I genuinely believe that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of his generation. That has been obvious the last couple … Continue reading What does LeBron James’ first ring signify? Part 2

What does LeBron James’ first ring signify? Part 1

As expected, LeBron James has finally won his first championship. I’d like to share my thought on the mythological and archetypal significance of his first ring. This is the first installment of a three article series. Let’s go! About James-Wade relationship The major problem with the Heat last year was that both James and Wade … Continue reading What does LeBron James’ first ring signify? Part 1

What makes Apple special?

I’ve been writing about branding for years, yet only one of my articles talks about the greatest brand of our time: Apple… Here is why: As soon as we start talking about brands and branding, it becomes extremely difficult to find an article that doesn’t refer to Apple. Every conference I attend, analyzes Apple as a … Continue reading What makes Apple special?