Are you asking the right questions?

Have you ever left a meeting questioning why you were even summoned in the first place? What was the objective of the session - if it had any? What was the convener trying to achieve? I don't know about you, but I have been to too many such meetings, in which we, collectively,  wasted valuable time … Continue reading Are you asking the right questions?

Branding through Collaboration

Today, I'd like to share a wonderful presentation with you. The presenter's name is Mrs. M.J. Braide. She  is a renowned brand strategist from Toronto, Canada. I watched her webinar about a week ago.  Then I said to myself: "Maybe I should make all my clients watch this video at the beginning of every new … Continue reading Branding through Collaboration

Appreciative inquiry and brand building

Rebranding a firm is a tall order for you are dealing with people. Real human beings... And you are trying to change the way they behave. People would resist change for many reasons. Yet, your job is to convince them to embrace the change. At the start of every project, long before you begin to talk … Continue reading Appreciative inquiry and brand building