Root Data Center

From Low Cost Option to Smart Choice: Transforming ROOT Data Center’s Positioning


ROOT Data Center, a Montréal-based entity, was entangled in a perception paradox. Despite its competitive pricing and high-quality offerings, the term “low cost” had saddled it with an undeserved reputation for being low-quality and unreliable. The need was twofold: to reshape this narrative and to solidify ROOT’s position as a challenger brand with a compelling value proposition.


  • Brand Audit
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Brand Positioning Development
  • Buyer Personas
  • Communications Planning
  • Tagline Development

Redefining Low Cost: ROOT Data Center’s Intelligent Value Proposition

Phase 1 involved a comprehensive needs analysis, setting the groundwork through stakeholder interviews and market research. By delving into the challenges and opportunities, we formulated targeted value propositions for ROOT’s high-value customer segments.

“Günter has successfully shifted the narrative around our brand. We are no longer perceived as the low-cost option -but the smart choice.”

AJ Byers, CEO of Root Data Center

Identity Unleashed: A Brand’s New World

The transformation comprised a set of core brand components: Purpose, Values, Personality, Positioning, and an Elevator Pitch crafted around ROOT’s unique selling proposition. The tagline, “Less Power to Waste, More Power to You,” encapsulates their disruptive approach to the colocation industry.

Infusing Purpose into Root’s Business Model

Phase 2 and 3 saw the creation of a brand platform and communication tactics. Each element of ROOT’s identity was scrutinized and re-engineered from purpose statements to tactical recommendations. The focus was on balancing contrasting brand values while presenting the brand as a game-changer in the industry.

Quantum Leap: Exit in Style

Post-implementation, ROOT Data Center’s market perception shifted markedly, as validated by a significant increase in stakeholder trust metrics. A subsequent rise in sales. Consequently, Root got acquired by Compass Datacenters for a handsome profit.