How to differentiate your brand? Part 3

Over the last two decades, brands have become 200% less distinct from one another. The ones that stand out, however, have something in common: They integrate two seemingly opposing personality traits. In this series of five blogs, I offer different methods to discovering and leveraging the duality embedded inside your brand. By tapping into these insights,…

When to celebrate your brand’s history?

Let’s say you are managing a brand that is about to celebrate its 25th-year anniversary. An interesting question pops up: Should you promote your company’s length of life? Should you say something like, “Since 1990”? When does it make sense to celebrate your brand’s history? What’s the right thing to do?

Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

Are you considering to use numbers as a part of your brand? Then, you may want to learn about the symbolic meaning of numbers! For instance, why do you think 7 is the world’s most popular number? Or does 5 have a gender? Which of the following is better to convey a sense of uniqueness?…

How to create a buyer persona?

“Our target audience is 18-48, female and male, C1, B and A.” You might have heard a similar nonsense statement before… The above sentence is a feeble -and rather soulless- attempt to describe a “target” “audience”. I am categorically against using such lingo as it’s a completely outdated way of thinking. I also believe that in this day…

How to discover your organizational values?

Are you trying to define what keeps your organization together? Do you want to discover your organizational values? Would you like to write down “the way things get done around here?” Then, read on!

Being in command out of control

Do you feel like the world is spinning faster these days? Are there too many things happening simultaneously? Is the pace of your life too fast? Are you looking for a way to keep things under control? How can you control people and events around you when deep down you know you can’t even fully…

Health for all. All for health.

(The below article was written for the city of Izmir to support its bid to host EXPO 2020. Although Izmir lost the bid to Dubai, it is my utmost hope that the ideas in this article will help Izmir in its noble pursuit of creating a healthier planet.) The World Health Organization defines the meaning…

3 Questions 3 Answers about Place Branding

I was interviewed by Samantha J. Manniex, a passionate blogger and a place branding practitioner from the UK. It was a fun and insightful conversation. I am posting three questions and answers about my methodology. If you want to read the full interview, please click here.

An essay on meaning and working

Look around you. They are everywhere: The over-worked… The under-appreciated… The under-valued… The lost… The professional zombie… Today’s professionals are not happy at work and I think our thirst for meaning is at the core of the problem. Follow your bliss and doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors;…

Systematic Solutions for Toronto Raptors – Part 2

Previously we looked at Toronto Raptors not as a team, but as an organization and identified the root cause of the Raptors’ perpetuating mediocrity: “Shifting the Burden.” Let’s continue from where we left off… A rising tide lifts all boats. J.F. Kennedy


Protests against oppression in Turkey are in full swing. And if you are willing to listen, the New Young Turks can teach your organization two great lessons:

The addiction to innocence

Unfortunately, this week I cannot write about my passion, branding, as the extreme violence against peaceful protestors in Turkey has left me worried… Everything started because a child wanted to raze a park and put in its place a shopping mall, in order to sustain a cancer-like growth… Children cannot grasp that others don’t want…