When to celebrate your brand’s history?

Let’s say you are managing a brand that is about to celebrate its 25th-year anniversary. An interesting question pops up: Should you promote your company’s length of life? Should you say something like, “Since 1990”? When does it make sense to celebrate your brand’s history? What’s the right thing to do?

Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

Are you considering to use numbers as a part of your brand? Then, you may want to learn about the symbolic meaning of numbers! For instance, why do you think 7 is the world's most popular number? Or does 5 have a gender? Which of the following is better to convey a sense of uniqueness? … Continue reading Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

Should the LA Clippers Change its Name?

Donald Sterling, the disgraced owner of the Los Angeles Clippers has decided to sell his team, and Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft placed a bid of $2 billion to purchase it. Since the NBA approved his proposal, now many people are wondering the same thing: Should Balmer rename the LA Clippers? Do they … Continue reading Should the LA Clippers Change its Name?

Brand architecture 101

Interbrand’s explanation of brand architecture is: “The way an organization structures and names the brands within its portfolio.” The firm adds that: “There are three main types of brand architecture system: Monolithic, where the corporate name is used on all products and services offered by the company; Endorsed, where all sub-brands are linked to the … Continue reading Brand architecture 101

Phonetic symbolism and naming

Which one of the below shapes is booba and which one is kiki? http://parikalpakah.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Memory_Box_9.png According to Wolfgang Köhler's "booba/kiki effect" study, 95% to 98% of people choose "kiki" for the sharp, angular shape and "booba" (or "bouba") for the soft, rounded shape. Interestingly, recent work by Daphne Maurer and colleagues has shown that even children … Continue reading Phonetic symbolism and naming

Why do brand names fail? Part 3

This is the third and the last installment of our "Why do brand names fail?" series. The first part focused on the process-related mistakes. The second one looked at tactical errors. Our last installment has a combination of both. Let's roll. Names are very context-dependent. Therefore, you should carefully chose your style. A four-syllable Latin … Continue reading Why do brand names fail? Part 3

Why do brand names fail? Part 2

Previously, we talked about three reasons why brand names fail: not getting the right stakeholders involved early in the naming process, choosing an agency that does not have linguistic capabilities and relying too much on big brainstorming sessions. Today, we have four more reasons for you. Here we go. There are universally accepted criteria for … Continue reading Why do brand names fail? Part 2

Why do brand names fail? Part 1

Today, we will be talking about naming as a process. It is relatively easy to come up with a great brand name. It is much more difficult to secure that name legally. (According to Landor Associates, 90% of names created will have to be rejected due to copyright considerations.) Believe it or not, it is … Continue reading Why do brand names fail? Part 1

Product naming vs. Corporate naming

There is an urban legend... If you name your pet or baby, you are qualified to name your brand. We have busted that myth already. Now, it is time to bust another one: Is naming one robust, standard process that you use for all sorts of assignments? Actually, naming assignments come at two different levels: … Continue reading Product naming vs. Corporate naming