How funny your brand should be?

Back then I was collaborating with a renowned agency on a re-branding project. Upon completion of nation-wide research, we started working on brand personality, one of the building blocks of brand strategy.  At that point, the creative director of the agency adamantly insisted that the brand should opt for a humorous tone of voice - … Continue reading How funny your brand should be?

How to differentiate your brand? Part 3

Over the last two decades, brands have become 200% less distinct from one another. The ones that stand out, however, have something in common: They integrate two seemingly opposing personality traits. In this series of six blogs, I offer different methods to discovering and leveraging the duality embedded inside your brand. By tapping into these insights, … Continue reading How to differentiate your brand? Part 3

How to create a brand personality that stands out

In the field of communications, there is a rule: If you want to turn off your audience, then use Latin words! To tell you how to create a brand personality, I will have to break that rule. Bear with me. It will be worth it. I promise. I see things with faces We, humans, have … Continue reading How to create a brand personality that stands out

Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

Are you considering to use numbers as a part of your brand? Then, you may want to learn about the symbolic meaning of numbers! For instance, why do you think 7 is the world's most popular number? Or does 5 have a gender? Which of the following is better to convey a sense of uniqueness? … Continue reading Symbolic Meaning of Numbers

How to brand a destination?

Is place branding a money trap invented by evil advertising agencies? Is it a fool’s gold for destinations? Has any place ever benefited from so-called place branding? How about this scary stat?: 86% of place branding projects fail within a year of introduction. Is there a way to break this curse? Let's figure out the … Continue reading How to brand a destination?

Ottawa ad campaign

Archetypes or stereotypes?

Recently, I have learned that 86% of place branding projects fail. While the research does not explain why, I am willing to bet that one of the principal causes of failure is “thinking stereotypically instead of archetypically,” and go even farther to suggest the only way to successfully brand a destination. Case in point: Ottawa. The picture on the left was taken … Continue reading Archetypes or stereotypes?

Are you asking the right questions?

Have you ever left a meeting questioning why you were even summoned in the first place? What was the objective of the session - if it had any? What was the convener trying to achieve? I don't know about you, but I have been to too many such meetings, in which we, collectively,  wasted valuable time … Continue reading Are you asking the right questions?

Brand Jordan

NBA lockout is about to end. The hot topic of discussion is what's the damage to Brand Jordan? Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all times. But his skills and will are not enough to explain how he became the magnetic person that he is. During his Hall of Fame induction speech, … Continue reading Brand Jordan

Michael Scott and Pam's Mom

You and me: The Brand Relationship Theory

Do you love "the Office?" I do... In one of my favourite episodes, Michael Scott got herpes and wants to know who gave him the disease. He starts working backwards through his partners, chronologically. Michael Scott, being the man he is, instead of informing his past partners of his infection, he asks them relationship-related questions … Continue reading You and me: The Brand Relationship Theory

Alcohol and Starbucks… Success or failure?

I recently read an article by Mr. Martin Bishop from Landor about Starbucks serving regional wine and beer in some of its Seattle locations. Lately, Starbucks successfully updated its identity and announced that it aims to be more than a coffee company. The brand’s little experiment clearly shows that it means it. But I think such … Continue reading Alcohol and Starbucks… Success or failure?