The Versay Revolution—Changing Paradigms in the Wine Industry

In Collaboration with Duncan Moore and Co. & Baillat Studio 


Versay, the Montreal-based vanguard, was on a mission to democratize high-quality wine consumption by offering it on tap to restaurants. We were hired to help the company challenge the category norms and redefine what it means to enjoy fine wine.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Narrative Development
  • Visual Identity Design

Democratizing Wine: Aligning Core Values with Market Realities

Our task involved transforming perception without compromising Versay’s core mission of democratization. Together with Duncan Moore and Co., we identified key consumer behaviors and attitudes toward wine-on-tap using in-depth market research and analytics.

Challenger Narrative Arc for Versay

Leveraging Versay’s ‘Missionary Challenger’ narrative, our analytical approach focused on changing the wine market’s status quo. We integrated Versay’s core values—empathy, simplicity, and eco-superiority—into a multi-tiered strategy emphasizing its mentor, optimist, trailblazer, and nonconformist traits. 

The wine-by-keg concept is not just sensible but revolutionary. Versay’s brand strategy has skillfully navigated the critical communications landscape, focusing on delivering tangible benefits and altering entrenched perceptions.

Heather Kirk, Founder and Managing Partner, Immedia PR

Targeted Transformation: Crafting Key Messages

Each stakeholder group received crafted messages that underscored Versay’s value proposition. For consumers, we promised eco-friendly, budget-aligned wine adventures. Restaurant owners were assured of cost-effectiveness and simplified processes, while wine makers were offered co-branding opportunities.

Design as a Storyteller

Baillat Studios was instrumental in executing a design strategy that aligned with Versay’s ethos of ‘raising the bar’ on house wines. The high-end, sophisticated visual narrative contributed significantly to shifting perceptions about the elegance of wine-on-tap.

Validating the Challenger Narrative: Measurable Success

The strategy led to an increase in inquiries from Ontario-based restaurants and a noticeable shift in consumer reviews. Versay’s partnerships with high-end establishments broadened its market footprint, thereby transitioning the brand from a mere challenger to a catalyst for industry-wide change.