Making Fitness Accessible to All

In Collaboration with RKLM 


MACFit is a Turkish gym chain that offers a variety of fitness services and training styles. The multi-purpose budget chains provides a more affordable gym alternative throughout Turkey, where it has over 80 facilities. In a landscape marked by rising obesity and varied cultural attitudes towards fitness, MACFit sought to redefine Turkey’s relationship with health and wellness. We harnessed the power of data, consumer psychology, and innovative marketing to strategically position the brand in Turkey’s rapidly growing $1.35 billion fitness market.


  • Market Research and Cultural Analysis
  • Brand Positioning and Rebranding
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Outreach
  • In-club Experience Enhancement

Decoding the Cultural Quilt

Initially, we immersed ourselves in rigorous market research and cultural analysis. By employing insights from both global and local studies, we created a cultural matrix that informed our brand’s strategy. Market conditions, consumer preferences, and even religious perspectives were scrutinized, illuminating the path for our targeted interventions.

“Günter’s in-depth analysis and rebranding efforts have elevated MACFit from a gym to a wellness sanctuary. We are changing the way Turkey thinks about fitness.”


Laying the Tracks: The Strategy Rail of MACFit’s Success Journey

Subsequently, we realigned our brand positioning and executed a complete rebranding campaign. Realizing that the Turkish consumer seeks more than just physical fitness, we expanded our scope to include mental well-being, nutritional guidance, and community building. This multi-faceted approach ensured that MACFit stood out as a comprehensive wellness solution rather than a mere fitness facility.

Identity Evolution: The MACFit Paradigm Shift

We redefined MACFit as not merely a gym but a holistic wellness center. We integrated messages around healthy living into our brand voice, utilizing motivational social media influencers, and amplifying our message with visually stunning in-club experiences that appealed to local tastes and sensibilities.

Together with Günter, we’ve met all challenges as a unified team, creating a cohesive brand vision for MACFit. This project exemplifies the power of data-driven decision-making, consumer insight, and agile marketing in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.”

Mehmet Varuy – Founder of RKLM

Seeds of Success: Germinating MACFit’s Market Dominance

Our strategy led to a surge in club memberships, solidifying MACFit’s standing in a competitive market. Moreover, we became a touchstone for wellness in a society experiencing a heightened awareness of health. The strategic partnerships we formed with local influencers have added value to our brand and increased market penetration.