Kernel & Roast

A Taste of Elegance

In Collaboration with CADA Design & Performance Development Academy 


In 2019, CADA Design orchestrated the birth of Kernel & Roast, a high-end food and beverage retail experience. Under our critical guidance, the project faced a unique set of challenges: conceptualizing a fresh brand and liaising with a private funder.


  • Narrative Development
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Comprehensive Interior Design
  • Packaging Design Strategy

“Working with Günter was a transformative experience. His unparalleled branding expertise, adaptability, and attention to detail made even the most challenging aspects of the project feel manageable.”

Kılıç Arslantürk – Founder of Performance Development Academy

Elevating “Country of Origin Value

Turkey, despite its strong tourism and economic figures, has long struggled to capitalize on its agricultural export potential. This gap in branding and global reach set the stage for Kernel & Roast—an initiative aimed not just at creating a global retail chain, but also at enhancing Turkey’s “country of origin” value in the food sector.

The Vision: More Than Just Agriculture

Entrepreneur Haluk Okutur aimed to boost Turkey’s global standing through high-end Anatolian agricultural brands. Supported by project lead Performance Development Academy, the initiative targeted not just exports, but also ethical farming and Turkey’s nation brand. Starting in London, the team has ambitious plans for over 300 stores in 10 countries within five years.

Crafting a Global Brand: Kernel & Roast

Ensuring the brand name would resonate globally was crucial. After exhaustive research and linguistic tests conducted by CADA Design across 25 countries, “Kernel & Roast” was selected, as it garnered a 90% positive response. Guided by external consulting expertise, the brand honed its corporate DNA around “scouting and sharing”—relentlessly seeking the best natural and organic produce from Turkey and making it accessible to the world.

Experiential Retail: A Sensory Delight

Designed to engage all five senses, Kernel & Roast stores offer a uniquely immersive experience. The retail environment allows customers to sample freshly baked items, herbal teas, and coffee while exploring colorful packages that narrate the stories of the products. Special touches, such as Lokum Skewers (Turkish delight), add an element of playful innovation.

Beyond Packaging: A Symphony of Brands

One of the project’s highlights was the emphasis on the packaging, heavily influenced by consultation and strategic steering from PDA. Understanding the significance of country-of-origin branding, Kernel & Roast introduced an array of premium sub-brands, from artisanal chocolates and organic spices to marmalades. Each packaging not only had an eye-catching design but also embodied an authentic Turkish look and feel.

The Impact: Changing Perceptions and Building Legacy

Initial reactions from British consumers have been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a slow but sure shift in the perception of Turkish agricultural products. As Kernel & Roast expands its global footprint—spanning the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia—the brand is poised to make a lasting impact, not just commercially but also in enhancing Turkey’s nation brand.