Crate & Barrel

Introducing an American Icon to Turkey

In Collaboration with RKLM 


Crate & Barrel, an American home furnishings retailer, aimed to enter the lucrative but challenging Turkish market. The brand aspired to differentiate itself from local competitors and connect with a niche audience in Turkey. Tasked with understanding the Turkish consumer psyche, we fine-tuned the brand’s positioning, audience targeting, and tailored messaging.


  • Market Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Launch Campaign
  • Editorial

The Road to Distinction: Understanding the Turkish Terrain

Charged with the challenge of differentiating Crate & Barrel in a competitive market, we utilized advanced market research tools and depth psychology methodologies to dissect the Turkish audience. Our efforts led us to define the typical Turkish Crate & Barrel shopper as a middle-aged, career-oriented woman based in Istanbul.

“Our partnership with Günter enabled us to blend Crate & Barrel’s international appeal with a nuanced understanding of the Turkish market.”

Mehmet Varuy – CEO RKLM

From Insights to Impact: Cultivating the Ideal Customer Journey

These strategic endeavors unearthed a plethora of insights, not least of which was the profound effect of cultural and societal pressures on our target demographic. Armed with these insights, we tailored our messaging to position Crate & Barrel as a brand that serves as a daily indulgence for the stressed, urban Turkish woman.

Building an American Oasis: Brand Identity Reinvented

Guided by the insights, the brand identity was meticulously designed to serve as a sophisticated escape, emphasizing aesthetics over explicit quality declarations. We infused international motifs, like the ampersand, to signify the brand’s foreign connections, thereby appealing to the westernized sensibilities of our target audience.

Measuring Success, One Ottoman at a Time

Through our tailored strategies and brand positioning, Crate & Barrel successfully entered the Turkish market, resonating with a demographic yearning for affordable luxury and aesthetic sophistication. The launch event avoided mad crowds, focusing on quality over quantity, and utilized billboards, press, and interactive catalog-based games to drive engagement and sales.