Viyana Kahvesi

Elevating the Essence of Viennese Coffee Culture

In Collaboration with Garage Design Studio 


Viyana Kahvesi is an upscale coffee and dessert brand based in Istanbul, grappling with the challenge of establishing a consistent brand identity amid growth. Also, despite its high-quality offerings, Viyana Kahvesi faced the intricacies of customer perception and struggled to distinguish itself in a market saturated with premium coffee brands. To clarify its brand promise and streamline its market presence, Viyana Kahvesi hired us.


  • Perception Survey on the Internet
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Value Proposition & Pricing Consultation
  • Customer Persona Analysis
  • Strategic Communication Planning
  • Visual Identity Design

The Road to Distinction: Understanding the Turkish Terrain

Charged to differentiate Crate & Barrel in a competitive market, we utilized advanced market research tools and depth psychology methodologies to dissect the Turkish audience. Our efforts led us to define the typical Turkish Crate & Barrel shopper as a middle-aged, career-oriented woman based in Istanbul.

Günter and Salih have been a game-changer for Viyana Kahvesi. Our brand now resonates with our core audience in ways we never thought possible.

Samet Akbaş – CEO Viyana Kahvesi

Breaking Barriers: Crafting an Unconventional Strategy

Our journey commenced with a robust Perception Survey, gathering invaluable data about customer satisfaction, competitive image, and quality parameters. Simultaneously, we crafted a multidimensional brand strategy targeting the newly identified customer persona, the ‘Explorer.’ Through a balanced blend of tiered pricing, strategic communication, and creative direction, we aimed to refine Viyana Kahvesi’s brand identity.

Harvesting Wisdom: The Strategic Yield

Utilizing psychographic and socioeconomic factors, we defined a unique brand purpose, promise, and personality. The strategy elevates the brand’s perception and quality, manifesting a unique and vibrant identity in a saturated market. Our approach harnessed actionable tactics and concrete outputs, including a comprehensive visual system.

From Canvas to Masterpiece: Building the Brand

Garage Design shaped a brand identity using elements like copper, wood, and natural tones, ensuring consistency across all media. The logo and packaging designs were meticulously crafted, resonating with Viyana Kahvesi’s promise of offering a humble yet high-quality experience.

Consistency Leads to Astronomic Growth

As a result, Viyana Kahvesi witnessed a drastic growth, almost tripling in size in a few years. Also, the chain has seen significant improvement in customer perception and market position. The brand now stands uniquely, resonating with the ‘Explorer’ persona and offering products that customers ‘fall in love with.’ Subsequent Net Promoter Scores exhibited notable improvement, validating the effectiveness of the new strategy.