Setting the Stage for Urban Living

In Collaboration with Ozan Karakoc Design Studio


Stage Apartments, located in Downtown Los Angeles, is an architectural marvel designed by internationally-renowned architect ByoungSoo Cho. Set to provide an environmentally-conscious home to many, it will be a place of relaxation and connection with like-minded individuals. As the project aimed to stand out in the bustling urban landscape, the client sought our services to craft a distinct brand identity and positioning. Through strategic design and marketing, we were entrusted with transforming the idea of Stage Apartments into a living experience that truly resonates with the modern urbanite.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming Process
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide Creation
  • Stationery Design
  • Teaser Campaign

“Günter and Ozan were helpful beyond words from start to finish. They worked to ensure that they understood every aspect of the business before putting pen to paper. They are extremely responsive and timely.”

James Chang, Co-founder / Stage Apartments

Setting the Scene: Strategy and Approach

We embarked on a journey to discover the noble purpose of Stage Apartments, crystallizing its brand promise by understanding the community’s psychology. Creating an unmissable personality, we distinguished the brand with a unique tone. The purpose, promise, and personality formed the foundation of the residential building project.

A Symphony of Style: Brand Identity or Rebranding Components

The name “Stage” emerged from dozens of carefully crafted options, encapsulating the vision of the project. The logo, inspired by the location, was chosen for its elegant, timeless appeal. A detailed brand style guide ensured consistency, while a basic Stationery Set added finesse.

Encore Performance: Impact of Stage Apartments

Stage Apartments, with its tailored brand platform and design, has become an iconic residential space in Los Angeles. From the visual identity to the teaser campaign, we have created a refined urban living experience that resonates with its community.