QS Monitor

Sowing the Seeds of Safety: QS Monitor’s Vision

In Collaboration with Ozan Karakoc Design Studio


QS Monitor is a trailblazing food safety tracking platform that has recently forged a strategic partnership with the government of Dubai. The platform aims to set a new standard in food safety and traceability by outsourcing quality assurance and compliance tests to a global network of accredited laboratories. Tasked with more than mere branding, our role spanned from shaping a compelling narrative to designing a comprehensive brand ecosystem that includes a standout pitch deck, an intuitive website, and an array of business collateral.


  • Message Architecture
  • Digital and Print Copywriting
  • Brand Strategy and Identity Design
  • Business Essentials: Business Cards, Letterheads, Email Signatures
  • Digital Experience Design: Website, UI/UX
  • High-Impact Pitch Deck Creation

“Working with Günter and his team has been nothing short of exceptional. Right from the initial discussions, it was evident that they took the time to truly understand the intricacies of our business model and the specific challenges we face in the food safety sector. Their work was high-quality and precisely aligned with our objectives.”

Burak Karapınar, the co-founder of QS Monitor

From Vision to Reality: Our Strategic Roadmap

Our approach was bifocal. First, we segmented stakeholders and designed buyer personas incorporating psychosocial variables. These personas guided the creation of tailored, highly persuasive messages. Coupled with a compelling brand identity, we orchestrated an impactful brand experience that resonates across audience segments.

A Complete Visual Lexicon: More Than Just a Logo

In a seminal collaboration with Ozan Karakoc Design Studio, we explored 8-10 unique logo concepts. The outcome? A robust brand identity system featuring carefully selected logo lock-ups, a cohesive color palette, and typography that captures the essence of QS Monitor.

Highlight: The Pitch Deck as a Game-Changer

In partnership with Ozan, we created a pitch deck that served as an informational tool and acted as a brand ambassador. The document imbued unprecedented professionalism and persuasiveness, setting new client conversations toward trust and collaboration from the outset.

Measurable Success: The Outcomes that Matter

Our masterfully crafted brand narrative and visually striking identity have elevated QS Monitor to a leadership position in pre-shipment food inspection. Within a brief period, we’ve piqued interest from adjacent markets and initiated discussions for future expansion in quality assurance across various essential goods.