Bedding Down with Success

In Collaboration with RKLM


Otelz.com, the Turkish market leader in booking accommodations online, has become synonymous with unforgettable travel experiences. With an average of 3 hotels booked every minute on its platform, Otelz.com has revolutionized how travellers book accommodations. The platform offers access to over 20,000 hotels, villas, residences, and apartments, delighting travellers from honeymooners to business professionals. We were hired to weave a consistent, coherent, and compelling story for the brand, showcasing its value and commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • Customer Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Tactics
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Strategy and Content Creation
  • Advertising

“Collaborating with Günter was a game-changer; his strategic approach and revamped brand narrative have made Otelz.com synonymous with unforgettable travel experiences. A truly transformative partnership!

Otelz Team

Crafting Valuable Experiences

Our task was to craft a compelling brand narrative that encapsulates the essence of Otelz.com while highlighting its key strengths and addressing the needs and expectations of its diverse customer base. Our research findings revealed that Otelz.com is a well-loved brand with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) above the category average. However, it lacked a clear perception of brand personality, and there was room for improvement in terms of affordability, variety of facilities, and increasing the number of accommodations offered.

Design & Unwind: The Aesthetic Facelift of Otelz

Taking our strategic cues from customer insights, we crafted a trifecta of guiding principles for Otelz.com that harmonizes the brand’s essence. The purpose statement, “To ensure that people have a holiday and accommodation in peace and security,” anchors the brand’s mission. With a brand personality that strikes a fine balance between being reliable and attractive, Otelz.com exudes trust and allure. Finally, our brand promise encapsulates Otelz.com’s commitment to delivering carefree, stress-free, and hassle-free stays to vacationers and business travelers alike, ensuring the widest selection of accommodations, top-notch after-sales support, and a secure user experience – all wrapped up in one delightful package.

From Check-In to Checked Out

Next, we embarked on a comprehensive journey to breathe new life into Otelz.com’s visual identity and communications. This process involved refining the existing logo to reflect the brand’s reliable yet attractive personality. We then focused on redesigning the website and mobile app, enhancing user experience with seamless navigation and captivating visuals that showcase the vast array of accommodation options available. We extended the brand’s presence into the physical realm with eye-catching exhibition booth designs that captured the essence of Otelz.com, generating buzz and interest at industry events. Finally, we crafted an array of TV, print, and digital ads that elevated brand awareness and showcased Otelz.com’s commitment to providing unforgettable travel experiences.

“The customer survey’s insights were invaluable. The team’s ability to extract key findings helped us refine our brand positioning and exceed customer expectations. Simply enlightening!”

Otelz Team

Booked Solid: Otelz.com’s Rise to Remarkable Results

As a result of our branding efforts, Otelz.com solidified its position as a top player in the online accommodation booking industry. The company ranked among the top 10 in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Turkey Program and successfully facilitated hotel reservations for over 350,000 foreign tourists from 158 countries until September 2022. The reinvigorated brand narrative and visual identity have positioned Otelz.com as a trusted platform for unforgettable travel experiences.