When to celebrate your brand’s history?

Let’s say you are managing a brand that is about to celebrate its 25th-year anniversary. An interesting question pops up: Should you promote your company’s length of life? Should you say something like, “Since 1990”? When does it make sense to celebrate your brand’s history? What’s the right thing to do?

How to Create a Brand Architecture for Private Label Products

Private label (PL) is a remarkably profitable line of business. Around the world, the retailers’ profit margin of PL is roughly 40%, twice as much (!) as the profit they make from other brands. Consequently, PL has been treated as a “cash cow.” Money was invested in PL, the product, not PL, the brand. Well, not …

How to Revitalize Your Professional Association: Rediscovering Purpose and MeaningHow to Brand a Professional Association?

Back then, life was easier for professional associations: Whether you were a lawyer, an accountant, or a doctor, you wanted to be a member of your professional association. Associations used to be the voice of their respective professions. They had unquestioned authority. Being a member was prestigious. Associations used to connect people through their popular networking events. …

Branding luxury

At first, this article might sound like a book review, but actually, it is about a miserable experience of mine and a much-welcomed solution. Here’s how the story goes. Years ago, my then-employer wanted to publish a sector-specific “best brands” survey. Our plan was to choose a couple of sectors (or verticals), determine the top …

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