Different or Distinctive: Which Should Your Brand Be?

Explore the intricate relationship between differentiation and distinctiveness in branding. Navigate the delicate balance between creating an instant, eye-catching brand identity (distinctiveness) and delivering meaningful uniqueness (differentiation). Successful branding harnesses the synergy of both within the unique competitive landscape. Break away from 'either-or' scenarios and shape your brand to be remembered, analyzed, and understood.

How to differentiate your brand? Part 6

Over the last two decades, brands have become 200% less distinct from one another. The ones that stand out, however, have something in common: They integrate two seemingly opposing personality traits. In this series of five blogs, I offer different methods to discovering and leveraging the duality embedded inside your brand. By tapping into these insights, …

How to bring your brand tension to life?

Brands are becoming less and less distinct, and there is reliable data that supports this trend. Interestingly however, the ones that break away from their categories have something common: They integrate two seemingly opposing personality traits. This hypothesis is called Brand Tensity, and we have already discussed half a dozen way of finding yours. Based …

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