Message Mapping

  • Are you looking for the right messages for the right audience? 
  • Do you need to make sure you communicate the same messages consistently on all media? 
  • Do you need well-constructed, informative, and reassuring messages for your investors? 

Then, then your company could benefit greatly from having a messaging matrix.

What it is

One of the most essential tools available to brand managers is the message map. Also known as a messaging matrix, it is a roadmap for displaying detailed, hierarchically organized messages in a persuasive manner. A message map is a visual aid to be used organization-wide that provides at a glance the brand’s messages.

A message map is a tool that serves as the backbone of your corporate communications. It includes key messages and supporting information, and documents them in a clear, concise, clear, and accessible framework.

Benefits of having a message map

  • Craft effective and persuasive messages
  • Produce accurate messages for diverse audiences 
  • Develop a guideline for content creation on different media