Lean Brand Management for Startups

  • Do you want to ensure the success of your startup in the long run?
  • Do you need to influence the behaviour of your customers?
  • Do you want to articulate what it is that makes your company unique?

Then, Lean Brand Management for Startups is tailored for you.

What itis
Most startups during the early stages of their development are obsessed on the product, and rightly so. However, what separates the successful ones from the rest is their dedication to defining and understanding their target customer. They focus on creating a Minimum Viable Brand instead of spending money on branding.

Startups have little money to dedicate their resources to build a brand. That constraint is actually a beautiful thing. It is the north start of our Lean Brand Management Service for Startups.

Lean Brand Management for Startups is a service through which we help you create a Minimum Viable Brand. Essentially, we answer five questions for your brand:

  1. Who are you? (Your brand story)
  2. Whom do you serve? (Your customer persona)
  3. Why do you exist? (Your purpose)
  4. What do you offer? (Your value proposition)
  5. How are you different? (Your brand personality)

It is fast. It is affordable. It is lean. As all startup services should be.

Benefits of choosing lean brand management for startups

  • Create a substantial competitive advantage for your company
  • Attract more loyal and higher-quality customers
  • Demonstrate your investors that your company is ready for the long haul