Core Values Development & Corporate Culture Assessment

  • Are you trying to define what keeps your organization together? 
  • Do you want to discover your organizational values?
  • Would you like to write down the way things get done around here?

Then, you may want to crystallize your core values.

What it is

In physics gravity is not just a good idea; it’s the law. Likewise in organizations values are not just a good idea. It’s the law. Core values keep the entire organization together. They provide meaning to employees while shaping behaviours.

Most companies have a list of clichéd, inauthentic, and nonactionable values. Core values development service effectively solve that problem by first helping you discover the right values, and then breathing life into them.

Core Values Development & Corporate Culture Assesment is a service, during which we identify one authentic value per four subsystems of your organization: learning, production, community, and material. Each value is translated in desired behaviours.

Benefits of developing core values and assessing your corporate culture

  • Individually vitalize, collectively galvanize your employees
  • Define and encourage desired behaviours
  • Enhance your corporate culture