Brand Architecture Development

  • Is your company’s growth hamstrung by limiting the perception of your brand?
  • Do most of your customers still don’t know the breadth of your offerings?
  • Do you want to reduce your marketing cost significantly?

What it is
Brand architecture is the process of structuring and naming all your brands. It is a critical service, during which we establish strategic relationships among your brands, catering directly to your customer’s thought process. A well-constructed brand architecture helps you optimize your marketing efficiency and performance.

Brand architecture is research and scenario-based planning session. Your company should revisit its brand architecture periodically to prune the dead branches and ensure the remaining ones still bear relevant fruit.

Benefits of revisiting your brand architecture

  • Configure all your services or products
  • Cross-promote their services
  • Target the needs of specific customer segments
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Clarify brand positioning, naming, and messaging
  • Increase flexibility for future product and service expansion
  • Ensure clarity and synergy between companies, divisions, products, and services