Place Branding

  • Do you need to differentiate your city or country?
  • Does your city want to retain its people and business?
  • Do you want to attract more and better-quality visitors?

Then, your city or country could greatly benefit from the place branding process.

What it is

Place Branding is much more than a catchy logo. It is about discovering and telling the unique story of where you live. 

If your city or country is interested in embarking on a branding journey, chances are you have an underlying problem. Maybe your economy is decaying. Maybe you want to attract more visitors. Maybe rapid population growth threatens your place’s sacred values. Maybe you want your exporters to shine.

Symptoms are the dense outer shell in which problems are wrapped. So, let’s use the place branding project as a galvanizing platform through which the issues of your place are acknowledged, analyzed, and addressed.

Every place has a story. And every place has to tell a story. Place branding is the process of uncovering the narrative of your place. We think about places as stories. 

Our Beliefs

Each place has a guardian spirit. Consequently, genius loci and storytelling are two topics we hold dear.

We are equally passionate about systems thinking. We see places as complex adaptive systems that cannot be controlled but influenced.

Finally, we believe human systems grow toward what they persistently ask questions about. If we ask the right question, magically, doors open where there were once walls. For that reason, we practice Appreciative Inquiry.

Benefits of place branding

  • Gain a competitive advantage for tourist income, business, and tax bases
  • Turn your city or country into a place where people want to live, work and visit
  • Position your place favourably in the minds of the target groups
  • Manage perceptions about your place
  • Differentiate your place