Günter is an insight-filled brand strategist with significant experience in working with big brands, complex stakeholder organizations, and places. Holding a B.Sc. in Psychology, his thinking about destinations is heavily influenced by the unconscious mind.

As a self-proclaimed Organizational Troubadour, Günter treats brands as stories. Consequently, he developed a unique, narrative-based brand strategy approach, which draws parallels between branding and mythology, dreams and stories.

His multi-disciplinary background, his PROSCI change management certification, and his ability to blend different fields such as Appreciative Inquiry, Systems Thinking, and archetypal psychology allow him to create positive change and transform places and situations.

Focusing on changing perceptions, Günter helps his clients dream collectively and create collaboratively. He creates the most appropriate change strategy, design techniques, and effective communications tactics. He engages and aligns stakeholders through facilitated sessions, ensuring the successful adoption of cultural shifts.

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