Key to customer loyalty

There are some brands that I find so successful. I call them magnetic. One of those brands is Maui Jim, the sunglass company. The brand is best known for its high quality, reasonably priced and fashionable polarized sunglasses. I bought my first Maui Jim sunglass in 2008. Since then, I bought two more. As rational … Continue reading Key to customer loyalty

Brand Storytelling

Carl Jung once said, “Never do human beings speculate more, or have more opinions, than about things which they do not understand.” Unfortunately, brand storytelling is one of those things. Let's try to unearth its meaning and find ways to leverage brand storytelling to support brand strategy. “Never do human beings speculate more, or have … Continue reading Brand Storytelling

Smoothies and Tim Hortons… Success or failure?

Last week we talked about Starbucks’s recent experiment of serving alcohol in some of its locations. We ended up recommending them to create a second brand. We also said, on our next article we will focus on a successful line extension from Canada: Tim Horton’s, one of Starbucks’ archrivals. For those of you who are … Continue reading Smoothies and Tim Hortons… Success or failure?

What’s in a name?

I love working with a brand named after its founder because they make my life much easy. The majority of brands still communicate merely what they’ve got (their products, their services, or their features.) Only a small number of brands communicate their “promise”, which is definitely a better marketing strategy. A promise is the universally-accepted … Continue reading What’s in a name?

LeBron James: Really a villain brand?

A lot has been written and said about LeBron James and his famous decision to sign with the Miami Heat. So why address this topic now? Hasn’t everything been said about “the decision?” My answer is “no”, because nobody looked at this issue from brand strategy perspective. So let’s put our branding goggles and see … Continue reading LeBron James: Really a villain brand?

Why do mission statements suck?

"To satisfy our customers' desires for personal entertainment and information through total customer satisfaction." Years ago, Seth Godin found and shared the above mission statement. Sure, it is a terrible one. But, at least that one was bad enough to get noticed. Usually, the mission statements that I have to deal with are more like … Continue reading Why do mission statements suck?

When to hire a celebrity for endorsement?

Celebrity endorsement is one of the most popular brand building tools. However, more often than not, it does not deliver the desired results. Why some endorsements work and some don’t? Today, I will try to solve this intriguing problem. Here is what I recommend: To begin with, celebrity endorsement is more suitable for established, big … Continue reading When to hire a celebrity for endorsement?

What do you stand for?

The author of this blog describes a brand as a promise. This is a universally accepted definition, which will be valid for years to come. However, for marketers to focus solely on the promise is not enough anymore. Here is why... We previously talked about how obsessed Millennials are with making a real difference. Fortunately … Continue reading What do you stand for?

How to write a mission statement?

What is one thing that all companies have but nobody uses? That’s right, a mission statement. The reason why nobody uses them is that most of them are written very badly. Today, we are going to tackle the world's mission statement problem. First, let’s start with the definition of a mission statement. No company is … Continue reading How to write a mission statement?