Gamification as an Organizational Development Tool

This week we interviewed Yeşim Kunter: a world-renowned play expert. Yeşim is best-known as the “woman who makes CEO’s play games.” She understands behavior of people to create new organizational experiences. Before founding her independent consultancy she worked for Hasbro, Lego Group, and Toys R Us in New York. As a futurist at Hasbro she was part…

Participatory decision making in the #socialera

We recently talked about the amazing collaboration technique used by young Turkish protestors: They gather at local parks, create speaker’s corners, and try running democracy as it was originally intended! Such collective movements have many advantages: Participation makes people feel energized and galvanized. Diverse opinions are heard, different priorities are learned… Hundreds of people brainstorm…

Open Space Technology

In Turkey, not a day goes by without a fascinating development… It seems like the Turkish protestors are on a mission to teach the world a lesson in 21st Century leadership. As you might know; a peaceful, local protest aimed to protect a public green space in Istanbul turned into a nationwide (even global!) movement…


Protests against oppression in Turkey are in full swing. And if you are willing to listen, the New Young Turks can teach your organization two great lessons:

How to write a mission statement?

What is one thing that all companies have but nobody uses? That’s right, a mission statement. The reason why nobody uses them is because most of them are written very badly. Today, I am going to tackle the world’s mission statement problem.