Participatory decision making in the #socialera

We recently talked about the amazing collaboration technique used by young Turkish protestors: They gather at local parks, create speaker’s corners, and try running democracy as it was originally intended! Such collective movements have many advantages: Participation makes people feel energized and galvanized. Diverse opinions are heard, different priorities are learned... Hundreds of people brainstorm … Continue reading Participatory decision making in the #socialera

Systemic Solutions for Toronto Raptors – Part 1

Under the management of Bryan Colangelo, Toronto Raptors has been getting progressively worse. That is a fact. We should not let that, however, overshadow the fact that this two-decade-old organization never had a successful GM since its inception (except Glen Grunwald.) Many bigwigs came and went, but the narrative of the Raptors stayed the same: … Continue reading Systemic Solutions for Toronto Raptors – Part 1

Open Space Technology

In Turkey, not a day goes by without a fascinating development... It seems like the Turkish protestors are on a mission to teach the world a lesson in 21st Century leadership. As you might know; a peaceful, local protest aimed to protect a public green space in Istanbul turned into a nationwide (even global!) movement … Continue reading Open Space Technology


Protests against oppression in Turkey are in full swing. And if you are willing to listen, the New Young Turks can teach your organization two great lessons: In the midst of a warlike situation, Turkish protestors built a fully functioning free public library. Why and how did they do it? Here is the first lesson: … Continue reading Self-organization

When do people support change?

Did your key project fail to deliver the expected result? Has your organization undergone a massive restructuring process, yet nothing has changed? Did your city spend a fortune to brand itself, but in reality nobody has cared? Don’t feel bad, because you are not alone: Turns out 75% of organizational change projects do not yield the promised result. Let’s … Continue reading When do people support change?

Do the Harlem Shake to Innovate

It’s blasphemous to think that Harlem Shake could have anything to do with innovation… It’s disrespectful to waste your precious time with such nonsense. I must be on drugs. But... I am not! Believe it or not, Harlem Shake meme teaches us something fundamental about the change process that takes place in biology. And that … Continue reading Do the Harlem Shake to Innovate

How to brand a destination?

Is place branding a money trap invented by evil advertising agencies? Is it a fool’s gold for destinations? Has any place ever benefited from so-called place branding? How about this scary stat?: 86% of place branding projects fail within a year of introduction. Is there a way to break this curse? Let's figure out the … Continue reading How to brand a destination?

Systems Thinking and Toronto Raptors

Two years ago, I wrote an article about the Raptors’ brand strategy or lack thereof. Recently, I asked the Raptors Republic community what has changed over the last two years. The topic generated decent interest and started an excellent dialogue, so I decided to edit my comments and share them with you. It is about … Continue reading Systems Thinking and Toronto Raptors

The Chief Answer Officer

A couple of months ago, we talked about ways to improve the effectiveness of meetings and projects. Today, we’d like to address the same topic, but offer a different solution... In her must-read book The New How, Nilofer Merchant shares one of her observations: She analyzes the lack of responsiveness of large organizations and identifies … Continue reading The Chief Answer Officer

Why do place brands fail? The human-centered mistakes. Part 3

This is the last installment of our three-article series: "Why 86% of place brands fail?" First, we talked about the mistakes consultants make. Then, we addressed some of the common misperceptions of places. Today, we will conclude by discussing the role of leadership, consistency, and honesty. Let’s start with leadership. Needless to say, places need … Continue reading Why do place brands fail? The human-centered mistakes. Part 3