How to Create a Brand Architecture for Private Label Products

Private label (PL) is a remarkably profitable line of business. Around the world, the retailers’ profit margin of PL is roughly 40%, which is twice as much (!) as the profit they make from other brands. Consequently, so far PL has been treated as a “cash cow.” Money was invested in PL the product, not PL…

Top Trends in 2014

Another new year, another collection of top trend reports! What was trending in 2013? Which trends will still be relevant in 2014? And, what emerging trends you should pay attention? We have all the answers! Enjoy these great reports, share ‘em with your friends and let me know if you have any other good ones….

The cities of the future

We had a pleasant chat with Professor William Straw, the Director of McGill Institute for the Study of Canada Professor, Department of Art History and Communications Studies. Professor Straw is interested in a range of topics, most of them having to do with media and cities. He is a world-renowned expert in urban culture. We asked him…

2013 Trends

Our annual trend report collection is out! It looks like 2013 is going to be quite a year, full of excitements as well as challenges. Enjoy the reports, share ‘em with your friends and let me know if you know other good ones. Happy holidays to all!

2012 Trend Reports

2012 is around the corner! An exciting and challenging year awaits us. I compiled six great trend reports to help your brand navigate stormy waters in 2012. Enjoy the reports and let me know if you know other good ones.

Postmodern Leadership

A beloved professor of mine from McGill, Karl Moore, is about to publish his new book: Post Modern Management. Here is an 18-minute video of him talking about the content of his book. We previously talked about some of his points but it is always entertaining to see Prof. Moore in action. Why don’t you…

8 ways to attract and retain young talent

According to Steelcase’s 2006 survey Millennials already make up 21% of the workforce in the US. This number will only go north in a couple of years. I assume by now you have realized that young employees are not conformists, they don’t want to play by the old rules. So, whether you like it or…

What can you learn from Genius Bar?

Apple’s Genius Bar is a home run. You already know this. However, have you ever thought why the Genius Bar became so successful? If you did, then have you considered how can your brand adopt the same idea? If  one of your answers is “no”, then this post could help you.

How to market to Gen Y?

According to Wikipedia, Canadian Millennials are those who were born as of 1976 up to 1999, inclusively. They are also known as Generation Y or Echo Boomers. They have a characteristic set of values that makes them significantly different from earlier generations. Or so you thought…