Ottawa ad campaign

Archetypes or stereotypes?

Recently, I have learned that 86% of place branding projects fail. While the research does not explain why, I am willing to bet that one of the principal causes of failure is “thinking stereotypically instead of archetypically,” and go even farther to suggest the only way to successfully brand a destination. Case in point: Ottawa. The picture on the left was taken … Continue reading Archetypes or stereotypes?

Know Canada?

Below, is the comment I left on an article on Brand New. My thoughts on Canada's new campaign generated some interest, so I decided to share them with you. Enjoy it! "I like the simplicity of the design, as well as applications and the selection of images. As usual, BMD has done an excellent "design" … Continue reading Know Canada?

Are you asking the right questions?

Have you ever left a meeting questioning why you were even summoned in the first place? What was the objective of the session - if it had any? What was the convener trying to achieve? I don't know about you, but I have been to too many such meetings, in which we, collectively,  wasted valuable time … Continue reading Are you asking the right questions?

Key to customer loyalty

There are some brands that I find so successful. I call them magnetic. One of those brands is Maui Jim, the sunglass company. The brand is best known for its high quality, reasonably priced and fashionable polarized sunglasses. I bought my first Maui Jim sunglass in 2008. Since then, I bought two more. As rational … Continue reading Key to customer loyalty

Smoothies and Tim Hortons… Success or failure?

Last week we talked about Starbucks’s recent experiment of serving alcohol in some of its locations. We ended up recommending them to create a second brand. We also said, on our next article we will focus on a successful line extension from Canada: Tim Horton’s, one of Starbucks’ archrivals. For those of you who are … Continue reading Smoothies and Tim Hortons… Success or failure?

Alcohol and Starbucks… Success or failure?

I recently read an article by Mr. Martin Bishop from Landor about Starbucks serving regional wine and beer in some of its Seattle locations. Lately, Starbucks successfully updated its identity and announced that it aims to be more than a coffee company. The brand’s little experiment clearly shows that it means it. But I think such … Continue reading Alcohol and Starbucks… Success or failure?

How to discover what do your customers really want?

Previously we claimed that people fly Porter primarily because of convenience and not chicness. Also, we recommended that you could force your customers to trade off attributes so that you can find what they genuinely want. Let's dive a little deeper and see how smart guys at Bain & Company can help you. If there … Continue reading How to discover what do your customers really want?

1+1=11: Creating critical mass

Branding a place or a large organization is a tough task. It is difficult mainly because you are dealing with many stakeholders, each having their agendas. When I face such a situation, I always say: “In branding 1+1=11.” Particularly, for organizations with multiple stakeholders, my primary job is to have their agreement on a shared … Continue reading 1+1=11: Creating critical mass

Brand as a status symbol

What is status? According to Wikipedia it is the honor or prestige attached to one's position in society. (one's social position) In consumer societies status can be achieved by owning certain brands. For instance, if you drive a Ferrari, you are considered as a higher status person than an owner of a Sebring because buying goods that others … Continue reading Brand as a status symbol

When to hire a celebrity for endorsement?

Celebrity endorsement is one of the most popular brand building tools. However, more often than not, it does not deliver the desired results. Why some endorsements work and some don’t? Today, I will try to solve this intriguing problem. Here is what I recommend: To begin with, celebrity endorsement is more suitable for established, big … Continue reading When to hire a celebrity for endorsement?