Why One Size Does Not Fit All in Place Branding?

Discover why cities, like people, have their own "innovation personalities." Whether they're trailblazing Innovators or cautious Late Majority, each city navigates change in unique ways. Dive into how diffusion of innovation theory merges with place branding, giving cities archetypal identities that evoke specific emotional responses. This is essential reading for policymakers and brand strategists looking to pinpoint their city's place in the global innovation landscape.

Show, Don’t Tell: The Key to Effective Communication for Places

Tired of bureaucratic jargon and confusing messages from your local government? Dive into our latest article to discover a game-changing antidote: "Show, Don't Tell." We reveal how municipalities like Izmir are replacing abstract statistics with relatable visuals and language that resonate with their citizens. Find out how this two-part approach—comprising vivid imagery and the AGL-4 framework—can rebuild eroded public trust and make civic communication truly effective.

How to build a messaging matrix?

Have you ever wanted to explain your brand strategy in a way that it would really resonate with different customer groups? Or provide much-needed information and encourage cooperative behaviours of your employees? Or communicate well-constructed, informative, and reassuring messages to your investors? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your company could …