Branding Lessons from Cuba

Cuba is a fascinating country. With its weather, culture and history it might be “the” country to visit. Also, Cuba is special because of its politics: unlike China, Cuba is a communist country that does not embrace capitalism. In that sense, being in Cuba is a unique and a priceless experience that you can’t have…

When do you need to hire a branding expert?

When you create a new company or product: A branding expert can offer you many services including: conducting research, clarifying strategy, naming, tagline development, designing identity, business card and website design and creating customer touchpoints. When you decide to change the name of your brand: Some names don’t age well. Some names don’t have passports….

The new logo of Yellow Pages

Not too often an iconic Canadian brand changes its logo. So, this is big news… and an exciting one too. My first reaction to Yellow Pages’ new logo was not totally positive, so I decided to sleep on it, before writing this post.