Different or Distinctive: Which Should Your Brand Be?

Explore the intricate relationship between differentiation and distinctiveness in branding. Navigate the delicate balance between creating an instant, eye-catching brand identity (distinctiveness) and delivering meaningful uniqueness (differentiation). Successful branding harnesses the synergy of both within the unique competitive landscape. Break away from 'either-or' scenarios and shape your brand to be remembered, analyzed, and understood.

Cultural Evolution: How Institutions Can Adapt and Thrive in the 21st Century

I first noticed this disturbing trend 15 years ago. My then-client Canadian Bar Association’s membership numbers were going down… Rapidly and steadily. Upon research, we realized that their century-old value proposition was no longer relevant. Data suggested that young lawyers did not “age into” greater concerns about their profession. Instead, their priorities were much different. Having …

How to create a brand personality for a place that stands out?

If you were to ask me to name the least-understood concept in branding, I would say "brand personality." Plenty of insightful approaches exist for discovering a brand's purpose and promise. There are universally-accepted methodologies for developing brand identity and architecture. Marketing communication is -literally- a science. But I have yet to hear a branding expert …

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